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'If the news you are listening to tells you the absolute things you want to hear, then, perhaps you may not be hearing the story that you need to understand. A person often hears what they listen for and look for what they want to see. Step out of your comfort zone, take a chance and consider perspectives from the views which offend you. What you hear may not be correct, but it may help you to reach your fellow person in a way you haven't thought possible.'

The tide of the nation is becoming clear.Especially at where you will see updates bringing more information to you from one news site. News, Weather, Sports, Op-Ed, Entertainment, Religious and Spiritual sections.

NEWEST FEATURE: There is more, the task of maintaining who is visiting the White House, or meeting with the President or any of his staff is being tracked and is available via

Groff-Swint Media™ LLC listened and heard your requests! You will see the return to the op-ed section "Plainly Speaking," (an original feature of news sites originating in 2008.)

Those prying eyesare necessary to keep you informed and to prevent local, county, state and federal governments from passing legislation which would strip away your most basic rights. That could strip you of your property ownership, freedoms other than the 2ND Amendment, and increase your taxes. Without reporters, you would never hear about plans to dismantle social security, and Medicare-Medicaid. The program that will allow insurance companies to charge those with pre-existing conditions more than had they not, a staggering increase which could bring conditions to uninsured people dying in the streets, homeless, starving, sick. If you just read those words and thought of a bum down on the corner begging for change to get a bottle of wine think again. Those are the predictions for senior citizens, low to middle-income wage earners and their families. Don't take aka galaxy8.News word alone for it, research the information on your own. From your perspective, in the non-interrupted space of a home.

Visit galaxy8news.comwhere the news is partisan to a means and then to a means not. Reports are researched, collected and shared from almost every news resource in the land. If there appears to be news report after news report reflecting poorly on an individual, on every news outlet your watch, listen to or read; then you should consider the old notion "Where there's smoke there's fire."

All any news organization can ask the public is to think for yourselves. Research the story you hear about, learn all you can about the subject. Not just from the resource, you turn to for information regarding politics, and opinion, go off the main road and explore. Learning all you can.

When you hear someone say "I do not trust the news media, I don't know if there is any truth to what I've been told or not!" Make a point to ask them why they are not out looking for the answers themselves?