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NOW...we are looking for information on jailed North Koreans that are in American Prisons. Their information had been available online until Thursday morning May 10th., 2018 and then between midnight and 2:30AM Arizona Time, the information appears to have been scrubbed. 

If you have information that you feel could be beneficial and can provide background material to support your findings and wish to share it with warpfactor6.com, galaxy8news.com, and Groff-Swint

Media™ LLC;  please feel obliged to email the information to the newsroom@galaxy8news.com The information will be accredited to you but no financial reward or payment of any kind is intended, offered or being contracted. The information is needed in an effort to keep the general public abreast of the latest information concerning matters affecting their daily lives, when you provide 'this or any information,' unless otherwise arranged in writing - galaxy8news.com & warpfactor6.com - will consider your efforts a "response" to a news tip. 


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