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Two stories were trending in Russian influence networks on Wednesday, Aug. 8. The first was a claim by an Iranian-backed militia in Iraq that U.S. forces had bombed its position, killing several members and also some members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The claim was denied by a U.S. coalition spokesperson. The second story related to the firing of a Google employee who wrote an internal manifesto against diversity. In both cases, users amplified existing hashtags as well as mainstream news content. Influence operations aim to raise the profile of certain themes and issues, but they don't always create the content they amplify.

A Fight Against Russian Propaganda Is Underway

Data research about Russian propaganda efforts on Twitter in near-real time. Analysts use the dashboard and other sources to discover Russian propaganda themes.

For instance in one area details covering internet activity via URLs, and domains reveal issues pushed by 600 Twitter accounts that link to Russian influence campaigns. Hashtags reflect "talking points" in the network.

The organization is a cooperative effort of concerned individuals trying to assure the Free World; they will not fall to enemies of the state!

Tracking details that link Putin via a dashboard, helping you id propaganda.