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On The Facebook Page, A Question Recently Was Received Asking:

"Would you rather be in a crowded movie theater when a man attacks with a knife, or when a man attacks with an AR-15? And why?"

By: Benjamin Groff V.P. Groff-Swint Media™

I have always had an intense fear of being stabbed because of the damage it does and the distraction it can cause to those who are under attack. Before retiring as a police officer I am not ashamed to say,  I have proudly proclaimed "if I ever go down in the line of duty I hope it is because I get shot!"  It is because even after being stabbed in a major artery the bleed out time can be unsurvivable but enduring for the person who will be lucid of happenings going on around them. They will slowly go into shock and die. I am trained to defend myself from a person with a knife and myself not be armed, however. We qualified for a two-person knife and three-person knife attackers on one. It was before training changed to encourage police officers to shoot if they had reason to believe if theirs or the lives of others are receiving a perceived threat; as opposed to having the fear that your life or the concern that a life of another (or others) is in imminent danger. There is a lot of distance between having a 'reason' and having a 'fear' legally!

A movie theater would hopefully have at least two or more robust and able individuals who would take on the attacker, disarm and control him or her. My fear aside, I would choose a knife attack over a shooter, for one if you could angle the stampede right they'd take the person out without much further effort. Shooting can be dangerous fast. When President Reagan and three others were shot (including James Brady), six rounds were fired in under 1.7 seconds. Without great marksmanship, on a sidewalk with secret service and police surrounding the President of The United States, three people were shot, and a shot bounced off the president's limo striking Reagan, and nearly killing him! Wild flung knives won't have a mortality rate that a ricochet bullet will if you have to defend yourself, and there are not other non-disabled individuals wishing to help. 

In making that decision, you should always prepare when entering these public spaces. You should begin making it a practice to have a plan. Know where all the exits are. Before the show or event starts, it would benefit you to think of a scenario or two of making a get-a-way and what you'll do if you have to defend yourself. Remember there are objects you can grab quickly to protect yourself against a knife attack that doesn't help with a nut holding a gun. Like a shirt, take your shirt off let that belly flap and slap for the eyes, there are no rules to follow in saving yours and other peoples lives. A fire extinguisher can overpower an attacker. The sudden flush of cold or hot drinks can give you enough push to get an attacker off balance. 

So, even with my fear of being stabbed, you can mark me down for a knife. 

If you are considering my reasoning, please always take this advice so it may help if you have to face a situation; only go for the attack if you are forced back into a corner. Given the opportunity, between fight or flight, hauling ass will more likely save your life!