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By: Benjamin Groff

You have heard by now of those people who are not buy anything from Harley Davidson because the maker of the legendary motorcycle and its products had to make a business decision to manufacture their motorcycles in another country due to several costs being too expensive to justify building the machine and being able to sell it in America and make a profit  
What is ridiculously so sad is that many of these guys going around tooting their horn saying they will not buy a Harley Davidson have and drive a Chevy Silverado, or a Dodge Ram (regular cab), yet they are clueless that the Silverados are built in Mexico as are Dodge Rams. But wait, there are others to inform you about. And remind you Harley Davidson would not have had to leave the United States to manufacture outside its borders had it not been the dismantling of the TransAtlantic Trade Partnership that had been in place along with the stinging tariffs that Trump has piled on to anyone who may be a competitor as they appear to him. Remember those last five words when considering anything Trump in your life, as they appear to him! Because every reaction he has taken since being President has been a direct result as he sees other action and how they appear to him, how they affect him, how they cost him, how they benefit him, how they adore him. Technically when considering subjects involving 45, one should consider the notion that it is a plus + or minus - world in how people are rated and how he responds.

Now back to the Harley Davidsons and Driving... gets worse a group of these Harley riders says they are going to begin boycotting products sent out and brought back in as Harley Davidson; they say the brand is forcing them to because they were nicer to the black guy; but the reason they are using is due to the manufacturer moving its assembly of cycles out of the United States.
If these bikers intend on their kids, wives, mothers, and other family members, and neighbors, be people they talk to on a regular basis, they should accept reality. Even if it is just people they breath next to. Or, if they break it down to being people, even an occasional person somewhat useful to them; then they have to face the fact, that not just the HOGGs are made outside the USA now but...thanks to Trump, a HELL of a lot of other things are leaving the USA too. Mostly, all the best people.

What led to this discovery?

I was searching for statistics concerning motor vehicles as I researched the Harley Davidson backstory (I do rely on documented facts) and noted these other popular vehicles are made outside the United States. So I wanted to warn you to be careful - if you may be going about town tooting your support for not buying Harley Davidson when you are driving a car well built by a Mexican!

Chrysler manufactures the Pacifica minivan at its Windsor Assembly Plant. 

The Chrysler 300 and Dodge Challenger, along the Charger is manufactured in Canada at the Brampton Assembly Plant outside of Toronto

Jeep’s compact crossover was the 50th best-selling car in the U.S. last year and although the brand is so iconic among Americans, the Renegade is built in Melfi, Italy, alongside the related Fiat 500X.

Ford Edge is built in Canada along with the Chevrolet  Equinox and GMC Terrain are manufactured in Canada

Ford's Fusion gets its wheels put on in Mexico, along with other Ford models like the Fiesta and Lincoln MKZ.

So how far are the Harley dudes willing to go?

I for one don't want to give up my Silverado, Jeep, or Volvo. I knew what I was getting when I bought them, and they have a superiority above Homer and Hanks ACME Assembly line of less than ambitious products. Far higher quality than what might be made by  'clock' watching union fee payers seem more interested in walking the floor of an assembly line, break time, or rotating the watch on their wrist when not adjusting their glasses, than that of quality! But then this is the land of the Free and Home of the Brave. And I will defend the rights of those wanting to belong to a Union until the day I die. I just won't pay extra for the products costs which may result from their labor. and I will insist on buying quality over supporting something just because it is made in America. American goods are nothing if they can't stand up to quality, durability and be affordable

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