The refugees, DACA, and non-documented immigrants are all very different. There is a great many who object to refugees being here because they were relocated to the USA because they lost everything following a significant earthquake, (or other major tragedy whether it was nature related or due to war), that made the country they lived in uninhabitable. Through agreements, America accepted a certain number of refugees, along with other nations who took in refugees to avoid inhumane conditions in their homeland. It was merely an effort of humanity; their process to file for citizenship or continued residence under refugee status is much different. 

By BH Groff galaxy8news

What appears to be a significant push for change from every direction has been made following the school shootings in Florida. Among them are police organizations and unions and the NRA.  A generalized threat they see are the many voices popping out of the general public as so many are speaking out against gun violence. In what is believed to be a private correspondence made available to under close confidence, details from discussions between possible NRA officials and the national organizations representing police organizations, unions, police chief's and sheriffs was surprising, yet expected.

Now, these prominent police organizations and training organizations, believed to be supported by NRA backed groups are allegedly saying there needs to be a new definition of “what is considered to be a mass shooting in these times.” *Devolving the location regardless of it being in a specific place so if it was on a school campus or city government property it wouldn't be known as a school shooting. It is suggested that the crime by association be considered, where was the shooting, was it a targeted hit or had the shooter for a better term had an accidental choosing event. *The person who is doing the shooting should have their identity withheld protecting their background from going public. *And, the number of those killed needs to be changed to define a mass killing. 

Reportedly the group points members to a suggested scenario in a recent email stating a proposed mission into a husband who kills his wife, a babysitter, and his three kids, before turning a gun on and shooting himself, to the conclusion; "And guess what?  If they just happen to be living next to a school, so what? The bleeding hearts categorize this as a mass shooting near a school. The bickering family could be in a car and go on to school property and kill each other, is that a school shooting?”   Technically? Yes! (comment from unidentified officer:) Well, that blows. Just drag their bodies across the road, problem solved!"

It is believed that these organizations want to change what is determining and constituting a new mass shooting definition (probably above 25 at this point, maybe 60 so not to break the Las Vegas record.) The notion is said to be promoted, first suggesting through NRA and police org.'s unions to begin demanding that any shooters arrested will be given anonymity. A move established within a week of the gunman in Florida’s shooting as having attended an NRA training program. The union push is to suggest that mass murders and shooters have a number to be known by when being identified to the media and public. Creating the method of reporting shooters my numeral ID only could protect a police officer who is involved in multiple on-duty shootings in the line of duty or incidents like the officer endured in Ferguson Mo.

Their real ID may be known to the press, says a union leader; "to avoid that whole freedom of information act problem they have, but dammit if the name or anything linked to it goes public the reporters knowing it would have hell to pay!" 

It is reported that other FOP Organizations say in comments they refute participation in such talk, while known members of NRA groups contacted said they support it as long as the news media would be fined the highest possible punishment if they disclosed shooters names. G8NC contacting members at home and work was asked not to identify individuals in this report due to privacy reasons and concern in retaliation for being too revealing with information.

It is a collective recognition that a person or group who commits an atrocious act such as mass murder is not a person who deserves name recognition or public stardom. It is, however, necessary for the public to educate themselves on individuals and their backgrounds and their crimes so to avoid the same type of occurrence, or at least offer a chance should it be noticed. Providing information on an individual also allows the anonymity of the individual to come back to them as well. By not identifying a shooter's true identity it may be a higher wrong than not. It could prevent other crimes they committed not to be connected to them. Eyewitnesses may attach a name to the face by memory association and bring to close a decade-long cold murder case with the most minor of details, like a name for instance.

Trump, already wants to set up a media fining system and the police unions characterized by the various fraternal order of police in brokering labor contracts is not expected to evolve from their tactical senses. A news reporter will be under greater scrutiny than a person with a gun walking around 'thinking' of shooting up the place, because as one NRA member was quoted recently having said: "how do you prove intent?" If you break the law and become a suspect in shooting enough people, your identity will have the most significant protections possible. It will be just like no one knew you did it.                                         

Remember Him?

You either loved or hated him.

Wanted him to stay or to go.

Wanted everything to do with him

or was willing to crucify him,

if you only had the chance!

It's Not Nice To Fool With Mother Nature! And It's Not Nice To Fool With Human Nature!

Suppressing human emotions are what make monsters!

(Discussion: open from viewing the video: comments sent to contact page.

First, let us clear the issue which is the most significant conflict in America, to begin with, and which caused the battle for this lady in her employment. Be acutely aware churches, religions, faiths however they wish to get their government enrollment cards do not pay taxes, not even some of employees. So they are not likely going to be too keen on spending tips. The only way you will see a religious institution reversing the money flow is when a government grant or funding program requires them to do so, or when pressure from the general public causes them to appear in public during a crisis to take action.

Now, about the lady talking about her transaction (and the tight church people,) only later to learn she would lose her employment over it. Reports say she did not write their name but told about the incident. To whom did she discuss the matter? Was the post in an open forum like this? Or was it considered a post on Facebook supposed to be a general post seen among friends or those allowed to see what the account holder wishes? Why does it matter if she was blowing off steam?

Twenty years ago, thirty years ago, had she went to the corner bar after she left work and blowing off steam after a few beers said the same thing to a bar full of patrons, would she have lost her job? Forty to fifty years ago if she was a high school year student who took part in a 4-H Debate Club Meet used the incident as a subject matter before the audience at the state 4-H Convention. Would she have lost her job, been kicked out of school? Or would she have been looked at as daring, innovative and brave, then voted most likely to become the first woman President?

It isn't so much these observations are being exposed, they always found a way out of hiding before. Before the internet world, when small towns kept their secrets it could pride itself on the image presented on the "welcome" sign at the city's boundary line. Today, the sound of a sneeze can be picked up around the world. A whisper from a child on earth is crisp and clear when listening astronauts review the message on a space station. The protecting of institutions are no longer manageable. Whether it be governments, religious organizations, businesses, corporations or a single person.

If Paul Revere fired the shot that was able for so many to hear around the world; then indeed the internet sent the truth that created the scandal over truthful events which so many find a way to turn and make egregious.



By BH Groff Galaxy8News

We all wear a mask when we go into public; no one sees our real selves, indeed as we are when alone, by ourselves to be faithful only to only us!  Benjamin Groff

The DACA residents are legal under the DACA passed by bi-partisan agreement, but the deal expires in MARCH. Then they will be subject to deportation. If returned to their country of origin, they have no base, no family or source to survive. They will return to a place that would be as foreign to them as you or I finding ourselves dropped off and left to fend without family, friends or structure. Their situation is not their fault directly, as infants they were carried into the U.S. illegally, however through numerous attempts by lawmakers no agreement to provide them with permanent citizenship has succeeded. They can't afford documentation and if they could it might not matter because in many cases it doesn't exist in the original countries from where they came. It is making them invisible to the world in a sense. America is better than what we have conducted ourselves in meeting this concern. These are not prison hardened criminals. They most likely are among the highest achievers in their communities.

The illegals or non-documented workers are the ones who farmers are begging to be left alone. If the United States rounds up these humans trying to make a living and a decent life, who you experience in everyday life with little if any interruption, what should we expect? Should anyone filing, unemployment be subject to working fields until they find their next job?  After all, it is the complaint that these are the ones taking up all the good jobs. There are a significant number of non-documented immigrants who have lived here for five, ten, fifteen, thirty years, and many have attempted to obtain legal status; just as many have not. The process is designed to prohibit them from gaining citizenship for a simple reason; they make up a voting block that does not represent the majority of Americans who send conservative representatives to elected office. Regardless of whether traditional leadership has been in total leadership roles, they have had enough seats to prevent comprehensive (fair) immigration reform.

The other issue is the immigration process, is not the same for all countries, the work visa process is different for wealthy homeowners bringing in 'maids and house servants' than a farmer trying to find farm laborers. There is by creation through our immigration policies a volatile structure which encourages the illegal entries due to there not being a sufficient flow of applicant processes through a standard set of plans. You don't want the non-documented workers here, then do you want to cut high school students class time to five hours per day and place them in work programs to take up the loss of workforce by the absence of these workers? Do you intend to do practices that violate slave labor laws, reverting civil rights acts so to make legal the possibilities to prevent grocery prices from spiking so high it would break the wealthiest of household budgets? The farming community is only one industry;  countless industries who benefit from non-documented workers will not find replacement labor, once those bodies are gone.

Had today's immigration policies been in place when our 'forefathers' arrived, none of us may be legal. Which by the way, if you ask some people whose families were already here watching people come ashore, we aren't. The answer isn't an easy one. However, we have to look inward and ask ourselves can we live with ourselves with the solution? Because regardless of whether you support it or not, it 
will be on the United States of America and as a citizen, it is something we will all have to own as a country. Like it or not!

On The Liberal Edge - having hosted a conversation discussing how the mainstream media is missing a KEY storyline in the Mueller investigation

and the Republic-Trump attempt to intimidate the FBI and the Special Prosecutor.

OLE poses a simple scenario

According to the Special Prosecutor Order (SP/SPO) by the Justice Department; Mueller the appointed Special Prosecutor  (SP/SPO) the right to investigate "any links and coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.”

His jurisdiction and authority also permit him to pursue information and individuals leading his investigators along with “any matters that arose or

may arise directly from the investigation.”


Embarrassed. I am ashamed for our country. Embarrassed by how our neighboring nations see us. Embarrassed to how we look at one another. Embarrassed about how dumbed down we went to overnight. It is Embarrassing to see others in need while our idiots holding a majority want to build a wall rather than tend to the 'needs' of the suffering.  I am embarrassed because there are people outside our failing little world looking in on at what used to be a sparkling diamond of a country they once cherished. I am Embarrassed because travel industry is losing business, tourism to the US from other countries has taken a sharp decline. It is Embarrassing because companies planning to relocate from Canada, France, Germany and Cuba, Europe and Africa ceased plans of relocation or expansion; due to the United States because of threats made by the Administration. I am embarrassed for how we treat our neighbors to the South and the North. I am Embarrassed because illegal border crossers are choosing to not come to the United States because of this Administration, not that they will get caught but of the idea of living in a country with such a person at the helm. What message do these observations and doings send to the world?

I am so Embarrassed because two years ago I would never have dreamed of coming close to having entertained the following thoughts, now I do. What if each country sees the crumbling America institutions (they do) and walks away thinking, with the unification of every other country in the world and their coordinated planning, it would be possible to take over the USA once the current administration has torn down its institutions. Then the most powerful of takeover leaders will divide the nation into sections most likely regions will be selected for their purpose related to wealth and production of goods.

Finally, with this administration, now that I have been thinking, I may not have said it, but I am so Embarrassed!

Matters involving food and religion historically have never resulted in religious figures favor.


A Comment from On The Liberal Edge

As well, section 28-604(A)'s direction establishes that the Prosecutor has not just the Right but the OBLIGATION to investigate all matters “within the scope of his or her jurisdiction.”

With those 2 items in mind, OLE submits that these actions to cooperate with the Trump White House to interfere with the Mueller investigation is, in and of itself, a constitutional crisis.

There is a definite, direct link and admitted coordination between Devon Nunez and the Trump White House, and Mr. Nunez's coordinating with several members of the Senate and House Republican caucuses. Most notably, with Ron Johnson and Jim Jordan thereby directly involving sitting members of both the House and the Senate, in what could easily be considered "furtherance of the obstruction of the Special Prosecutors investigation."

That means that any referral for action by Mueller starts a constitutional crisis far worse than Watergate.

The case can, and should, be made that multiple members of the Republican Congressional caucus should be labeled as co-conspirators, thereby causing an impeachment action impossible because various participants in the crime could not sit in an unbiased adjudication of the obstruction. Remember to become a part of the obstacle requires only 2 elements. The first described as holding or bearing 'CORRUPT INTENTION' and the second explaining how submitting to, carrying of or surrendering to 'AN ACT OF AID IN OBSTRUCTION.'

Showing corrupt intention and deliberate violations of Senate ethics both in his secret White House briefings of the Senate findings and in his breach of recusal take care of nefarious intent on his part--and the acts in aid of obstruction are clear and undeniable.

The same can be said of Johnson and Jordan in their statements reinforcing a patently false narrative provided by Nunez.

In effect, with their actions to interfere with, delay and confuse the facts around the Mueller investigation: the Republic-Trumps have become co-conspirators with Trump and his obstruction. The SP need not mention them nor implicate them in his findings, at the point where results are rendered that are shown to rise to the level recommending impeachment. The House and Senate ethics offices only need to receive public or congressional requests for investigation of their involvement.

If they take the common sense approach of applying the SP law provisions they must rule that significant numbers of Republic Trumps are implicated as co-conspirators--and the constitutional crisis begins.

Because the law limits what criminal charges and/or indictments can be brought against a sitting president, Mueller is unlikely to file criminal charges. But, instead will ONLY make a referral for congressional action. And with both the House and the Senate caucuses deeply implicated in the on-going acts of obstruction, all constitutional doors slam shut. In effect-the house and the Senate would be unable to act. Suspended by their own corruption within the majority party of Republicans, further complicating matters is the legal and systemic implications at that point accelerate and become dangerous and destructive.

OLE doesn't claim to have a solution to this issue in mind, it's  indeed a plausible and dangerous possible future for our impoverished Republic beset with Republic-Trumps corruption, one that we need to consider and prepare for in many peoples views.

OLE says: hold on to your chairs,  it's gonna be a wild ride when Mueller makes his findings known.

Missing texts, a mysterious memo, and a 'secret society' ~ Republicans are going on an all-out assault against the FBI

Scrutiny over the integrity of the FBI, the DOJ, and the particular counsel Robert Mueller intensified this week.   

OLE says for a final consideration, and an invitation for comment from defense attorneys nationwide, if the FBI is proven so incapable, corrupt and simpleminded, should it then be the consideration that all federal and state inmates imprisoned by and through FBI investigations be released from prison for lack of a fair and accurate trial? A question being asked, because with what now appears to be prejudiced extreme, their civil rights were severely violated by a rogue agency if we are to believe the Republican Party members.

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