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We named our American Fox Hound after one of Waylon Jennings sons. It required a bit of doing in our community afterward because it raised a concern (seriously) one evening when a (now former) neighbor upset with another, began shooting fireworks toward other neighbors homes. The police showed up, and in cooperating with them, it dawned on me the added confusion our dog and his name caused. We had taken him out for walks and to parks and noticed we cleared the sites but didn't catch on to it at first. Our dog is named "Shooter." So we go to the park or out for walks, and he sees people who (he is super friendly with and) wants the extra attention. We holler "Shooter get down!" You get the idea what someone might think not having a clue the dog's name is Shooter, and our perspective being the namesake is Shooter Jennings. We don't give it a second thought as far as we know people are hitting the ground, not for cover but exercise like pushups or to inhale the fresh cut grass of the nearby golf course.

When the police showed up for the testy neighbor shooting off his fireworks, we were so comfortable with the dog's name we didn't think about explaining to the officer's our dog 'Shooters' name when asking them in to tell them what we had witnessed. As we entered indoors, what to me was an ordinary shout saying "dammit Shooter, get back; " paused the officer's entrance. Fortunately, we had a visitor who is also a police officer from another state who at the time was staying with us as they passed through town; and luckily they knew he was with us having met him outside our home. So the officer's guard was not extreme. We have made it a point to contact the 911 centers HOA security and meter service 
companies for our neighborhood and explain the dog's name should they show up for some reason. He is 11 years old now, and a name change is something out of the question.

There is a significant upside to our dog having the name; we don't have any religious bell ringers who stick around, nor come back when the guy they can't see on the other side of the home's front door start yelling about "Shooter!"

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