Texas Trooper and Suspect Shot in Shootout 



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3 Police Officers Turn Off Their Body Cams, and Patrol Unit Dash Cams Before Shooting Subject In Memphis Causing Upset In Community Now 6 People Go To Jail For Protesting The Police Shooting in Tenn.

A woman was brought back to life by an Indiana State Police trooper after she got herself pinned between her vehicle and a toll booth Saturday night.

Las Vegas Police Pursue Felon Suspects In Highspeed Pursuit While Being Shot At During Morning Business Hours.

Audio will automatically begin after officers make contact with individuals

You may have heard of the Ferguson affect; this is possibly the exact nature of officers extending courtesy too far to the detriment of their lives.

Tulsa Police Allow Subject Wide Movement In Surroundings 

Possibly Out Of Concern For Rights, While Almost Getting Killed

POMPANO BEACH, Florida -- Police shot an ignorant Florida man after a bizarre encounter that began when he drove his car through a chain-link fence and into a small lake just north of the Florida Keys only to be ungrateful after another driver rescues him. Following being helped from the submerged vehicle by a motorist who had stopped along the highway, Jahmal Parker became combative & tried to fight with police before having to be shot!

To the Right: Indiana State Trooper Ala'a Hamed, embodies the outstanding professional law enforcement officer; with sharply positioned hat and badge. Hamad's name and, shooting qualification plate and tie clasp is in the proper level position, with whistle chain stowed in right breast pocket. His disposition demands respect!

Below: NEWS Video reporting Trooper Hamed's involvement with saving a woman's life, after she became pinned between her car and a toll booth. 

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