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After CNN INTERVIEW Viewers Respond To Twitter Evangelical’s Leading Christians Straight To Hell
"Please understand that he can come 
on himself and defend his church attendance.”

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Recently, CNN's Chris Cuomo interviewed David Brody, a Trump devotee and CBN political correspondent. Brody wrote a book titled The Faith of Donald Trump: A Spiritual Biography, and he's been hitting the talk show circuit. In the interview, Brody insisted that Trump is on a "spiritual journey," despite his decidedly un-Christian behavior. Yet a simple "yes" or "no" question from Cuomo derailed Brody's defense of the President's credibility as a moral authority.

Cuomo asked Brody if Trump attends church regularly. Brody ended up dodging the question, saying, "Please understand that he can come 
on himself and defend his church attendance."

You can continue reading this report and view the interview with Chris Cuomo by visiting theoriginal report here.

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