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Thank you for reaching out to Groff-Swint Media LLC™

Groff-Swint Media LLC™ is the parent company of and in Mesa, Arizona. 

We are always welcoming of information and interested in establishing contacts with those wishing to volunteer as associates who are at the ready to serve in their communities when news breaks nearby a location where they are, this could be you. 

By providing news tips, information and leads can provide your local community with publicity which acquires international promotion and name recognition. Such deeds sometimes are received at a time when horrible news events have taken place. Regardless news has happened, and it is vital that the information is reported and reported in an accurate and detailed manner. That is why it is essential to get the facts from real eyes and ears on the ground where whatever travesty took place. You may be the difference between having 70% of the truth getting told or 99% of it correctly showing the world what happened in your community. 

If so, and you would like to help by representing your community while keeping the world better informed with accurate, on the spot detailed reporting as a citizen, then please notify Groff-Swint Media LLC™ by providing the information to the questions below.

Those responding and being accepted to work with news reporters and staff of Groff-Swint Media LLC™ will not receive compensation, nor will they be considered employed. If this includes you, you will not be considered a contract laborer, a contractor or a temporary employee nor will you be considered an employee of any sort, your association with Groff-Swint Media LLC™ will be that of a person telling eyewitness or second person information regarding news, disaster updates or community outreach. The only benefit will be the exposure which your community will receive via the publicity of international name recognition through the public service you provide. You will be responsible for your safety and that of others when finding yourself in or near situations where news is happening. It is the advice and recommendation of Groff-Swint Media LLC™ that your and the safety of others always come first before any information or news bits or news report. Only when it is entirely safe to do so relaying information from the actual scene of news or information occurring scene be carried out.

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